Event : GNOME Asia 2014

GNOME Asia committee was created at  2008 after the first GNOME.Asia summit, and aimed to spread GNOME and Free Software in Asia. We had hold this summit in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Banglore, HongKong and Seol in six years. Now GNOME.Asia Summit already becomed one of famous activity of GNOME Foundation, like GUADEC (GNOME Users And Developers European Conference)  and Boston Summit. (source http://www.eventdove.com/event/4394/page/11137)

My favourite man :-p beside my dad was there to be a speaker for that event. Here is he!

Screenshot-1But..he’s not alone. He’s with the handsome man at BlankOn 😀

Screenshot-2Give applause..Proud of you both!

For more info about event GNOME Asia.

Here for schedule . Mark your calender!


If you can’t be there, just support them from our country, make them popular at social media with hastag #gnomeasia 😉

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